Here you can find a selection of my published works, including peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

Peer-reviewed articles

2023 Vernacular Humanitarianisms: An Introduction. Social Anthropology 31(1)

2022 Postsocialist Mediterranean. Scalar gaze, moral self and relational labor of favors in Eastern Europe Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology 

2021 Minority Sexualities, Kinship and Non-Autological Freedom in Montenegro Social Anthropology 29(2): 387-403

2020 European Anthropology as a Fortuitous Accident? Reflections on the Sustainability of the Field Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 29(2): 31-48

2019 Preference for censure: Yugoslav film and paradoxes of visibility after the Cold War
Terrain. Anthropologie und Sciences Humaines

2018 Epistemological Eclecticism: Difference and the “Other” in the Balkans and Beyond Anthropological Theory 18(1): 106-128.

2018 The Everyday Life of a Homo Sacer Südosteuropa 66(1): 10-26.

2016 Depoliticization “from Below”: Everyday Humanitarianism in Bosnia and Herzegovina Narodna umjetnost: Special Issue on the 12th SIEF Congress 53(1): 97-115.

2016 Scaling Humanitarianism: Humanitarian Actions in a Bosnian Town Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology 81(1): 99-124.

Winner of the 2015 SIEF Young Scholar Prize

2015 Management of Ambiguity: Favours and Flexibility in Bosnia and Herzegovina Social Anthropology 23(3): 268-282.

2015 Rethinking World Anthropologies Through Fieldwork. Perspectives on “Extended Stay” and “Back and Forth” Methodologies with Andrew Hodges, Anthropological Notebooks 21(1): 107-120.

2014 Surviving in a Moveopticon: Humanitarian Actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (pdf) Contemporary Southeastern Europe 1(2): 42-60.

2009 “Floating Signifiers”: Negotiations of the National on the Internet forum Café del Montenegro Südosteuropa 57(1): 55-69.

Book Chapters

2018   Štela (Bosnia and Herzegovina) with Karla Kutkova. In The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality, Volume 1, 54-58. Ed. A Ledeneva. London: University College London Press.

2016 Flexibility of Veze / Štele. Negotiating Social Protection In Negotiating Social Relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 94-108. Eds. S Jansen, C Brkovic, and V Celebicic. Routledge.

2016 Queering as Europeanisation, Europeanisation as Queering with Danijel Kalezic. In LGBT Activism and Europeanisation in the Post-Yugoslav Space, 155-177. Ed. B Bilic. Palgrave.

2015 Brokering the Grey Zones: Pursuits of Favours in a Bosnian Town In Ethnographies of Grey Zones in Eastern Europe, 57-72. Eds. I Harboe and M Demant Frederiksen. Anthem.

2014 The Quest for Legitimacy: Discussing Language and Sexuality in Montenegro In Mirroring Europe, 161-185. Ed. T Petrovic. Brill.

2013 Ambiguous Notions of “National Self” in Montenegro In The Ambiguous Nation, 131-149. Eds. U Brunnbauer and H Grandits. München: Oldenbourg Verlag.

Essays, Interviews, and Media outreach

Essay: ‘Emergent humanitarian forms of life. Anthropology of humanitarianism between new vocabulary and critique’. Public Anthropologist, 09 October 2018

Essay: ‘The Same, and Yet Different. Ethno-Anthropological Traditions in Europe’. American Anthropologist website, 22 May 2018

Edited themed section: Vernacular Humanitarianism. Allegra Laboratory, 25 Sep 2017

Essay: Humanitarianism Tomorrow? Humanitarian Actions in Former Yugoslavia. Allegra Laboratory, 28 Sep 2017

Interview with Elizabeth Dunn: ‘Bypassing Chokepoints: On the Anthropogeography of Smuggling. Anthropology Matters 17(2): 1-9, 2017

Commentary on the US elections for The Conversation: Dreams of a Good Life, 18 Nov 2016

‘Forum. Brexit Referendum – first reactions from anthropology’. Social Anthropology 24(4): 478-502.

Interview with professor Florian Bieber about my article:  ‘Surviving in a Moveopticon’, 12 Nov 2014 (YouTube video)

Interview for the Montenegrin daily Vijesti: Novi rječnik i nove prakse otpora (New Vocabulary and New Practices of Resistance), 23 Nov 2019 (in Montenegrin)

Interview for the Montenegrin weekly Monitor: Ne treba da “dostignemo Evropu”, već da razgovaramo (We do not Need to Catch up With Europe, but to Establish a Conversation) 15 Jan 2016 (in Montenegrin)

Text for the Montenegrin Cultural Magazine ARS: What is the Link Between the Discussion of a National Language and the Discussion of Sexuality?, 03 Jan 2011 (in Montenegrin)

Book Reviews

Michaela Schäuble. Narrating Victimhood. Gender, Religion and the Making of Place in Post-War Croatia. Berghahn Books’. Anthropological Notebooks 23(1): 153-154, 2017

Greenberg, Jessica. After the Revolution. Youth, Democracy, and the Politics of Disappointment in Serbia’. Allegra Laboratory, 2015

Gordy, Eric. 2013. Guilt, Responsibility, and Denial’. Philadelphia: Pennsylvania University Press’. Social Anthropology 22(2): 235–237, 2014