Vernacular Humanitarianisms

Social Anthropology/Anthropologie sociale Volume 31 Issue 1
Table of Contents


Special Issue: Vernacular Humanitarianisms
Vernacular Humanitarianisms: An Introduction
Čarna Brković

‘Every Person Counts’: The Problem of Scale in Everyday Humanitarianism
Anne-Meike Fechter

The Desire to Help: Vernacular Humanitarian Imaginaries in China
Jiazhi Fengjiang

The Anti-Politics of Inclusion: Citizen Engagement with Newcomers in Norway
María Hernández-Carretero

Religious Nationalism, Strategic Detachment and the Politics of Vernacular Humanitarianism in Post-War Sri Lanka
Tom Widger

Encountering Compassion: Venezuelan Migrants and Emerging Forms of Humanitarianism in Colombia
Jan Grill

Afterword: Humanitarianism, Between Situated Universality and Interventionist Universalism
Didier Fassin

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